A new methodology for unpacking, defining, discovering and creating Intelligence from scratch – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, I asked the question: after all, what is Intelligence? Proposing the answer: intelligence is any effect without a random cause. In other words, the intelligent principle starts from the production and understanding of different results from those generated by mere chance. Also, I proposed a methodology to study intelligence […]

Online Innovation: who comes first, the technology or the demand? For the innovator, and the unstructured intelligence, both

It is very natural that, in the face of so many tech hypes, organizations initially try to recognize potential opportunities for applying technologies to business strategies and contexts, rather than the more logical way of just looking for technologies for their demands. And the truth is that most advisers will recommend what seems to be […]

IoT connections to grow 140% to hit 50bn by 2022

“IoT transaction management requires blockchain innovation. Juniper foresees that consortium-run blockchains or similar distributed ledger technologies, such as IOTA, will play an important role in delivering future IoT events or payment transaction management. However, both approaches presently lack true decentralisation offered by public blockchains, a key requirement for end-to-end trust. Juniper claimed that opportunities for […]

Where the mind is all that matters

“Behavioural science, which deals primarily with human action, is a field that is growing with every industry from banking to IT, healthcare to education needing its professionals. And with supply nowhere near demand, this is a good time to explore the field, say experts. “The science basically gets into the functioning of the brain and […]