Creating Robots with a Mind

What if we think about Robotics and AI more through robot software, that is, a different kind of artificial intelligence, where there are no physical parts, at least directly, executing tasks, but there is a brain, perhaps smarter than most robots with physical parts.

In other words, the question that does not want to be silent is: why can’t we think in a systemic, and hybrid way, joining forces and the best of each technology, that is, join robot software with mechanical robots or with physical parts, if you prefer?

My answer is yes, not only can we, but, also perhaps, here is the great competitive advantage of the AI area in the future, because we can abstract this system to be as creative and as innovative as we, humans.

Actually, we can think of systems of systems in this way, that is, ecosystems.

Indeed, I do this since a long time ago, copying one of the most beautiful mysteries of nature: the theory of the mind.

Mind? Yes, robots with a mind.

And I explain. Imagine that a physical robot is the faithful copy of a human being, that is, it has a brain (where it is supposedly processing its most relevant decisions or main intelligence) and a body, which is exactly the physical parts responsible for the sensory (input) and execution of physical tasks (output).

Well, so far, nothing new, since for many years we have imagined machines like that.

Moreover, try to abstract this machine, adding a mind to it, that is, a robot software without physical parts, but with the ‘magic’ capacity to think on human levels, like to design future scenarios, and, mainly, to be aware, and why not, exhibit a kind of self-awareness, or consciousness and self-consciousness, as I prefer, as a broader way to address wisdom, in a quantitative way.

That is, add to our ecosystem a mind!

However, some of you may be asking: But is not our mind in our brain or some part of our body, or perhaps distributed throughout it?

In this case, bear in mind, literally, that to this day, science has no idea where our mind is. And that, even if it were so, we are free even to create artificial minds, different from ours, not getting stuck to models copied from nature.

That is, a software robot, and mind ‘approach’, to open doors, why not, to other types of other types of AI.


Rogerio Figurelli at 2017-12-07


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