Online Innovation: the new Copernican revolution?

After all, what is the place of our mind in the universe?

Are we not facing, 500 years later, the same errors and paradigms faced by Nicolaus Copernicus to prove that the Earth was not the center of the solar system and the universe?

For some scientists, this place is our physical brain, which allows them to think and believe in the possibility of to be able to create our own immortality, likewise, we could create life, as we know it:

The immortalist: Uploading the mind to a computer
“Many neuroscientists approach the brain as if it were a computer. In this analogy, the brain turns inputs, sensory data, into outputs, our behavior, through computations. This is where the theoretical argument for mind uploading starts. If this process could be mapped, the brain could perhaps be copied in a computer, along with the individual mind it gives rise to.”

Use Your Brain: Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Close to Replacing It
“Recreating the human brain is the holy grail of artificial intelligence. So far, even the most extreme optimists of mind uploading see it only in the distant future. With all the AI hype, we tend to underestimate the supercomputers we carry around in our skulls.”
Perhaps we have to wait for the help of a new Galileo Galilei, that invented telescope to observe the sun, moon, and planets, to prove the theories of Copernicus.

But before that, my question is very simple: how will we feel in the future looking at the past, like Copernicus and Galilei, seeing and believing differently what is the place of our mind in the universe?

Probably, in my view, just as many philosophers, gurus, and religious guides of the past have believed that our mind does not reside in our brain, and why not, it is already immortal and not biological in nature.

In any case, it seems to be relevant to seek to create open machines, with Artificial Intelligence not only concentrated in neural networks and models of representation of our brain, that is, the new telescopes, that could be created to prove or not this hypothesis, that maybe will be as obvious in the future as the position of our Earth in the universe.


Rogerio Figurelli – @ 2018-06-09


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