Where the mind is all that matters

“Behavioural science, which deals primarily with human action, is a field that is growing with every industry from banking to IT, healthcare to education needing its professionals. And with supply nowhere near demand, this is a good time to explore the field, say experts. “The science basically gets into the functioning of the brain and debunks most traditional psychological theories,” says Dominic, whose firm, one of the first to venture into the field in the country, has worked on several national and international government projects. In Mumbai, for instance, says Dominic, it was a behavioural science experiment that helped reduce the number of deaths while crossing railway tracks. “The traditional ways of telling people not to cross does not work. We suggested the government to add a few yellow lines and accident rates came down by 75%,” says Dominic. “Traditional psychology talks about awareness building. Our theory says that all these problems are because of an awareness-action gap. As behavioural architects, we devise ways to build that behaviour into human nature,” he adds.”


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