Online Innovation: focus, is the new paradigm, but is it really good for innovation?

The real world, and markets, and organizations, and people are surrounded by paradigms.

In fact, we are digitizing these paradigms!

Examples are management by objectives, goals, PDCA, Agile, Lean, etc., etc.

And perhaps one of the most current is the one related to the focus, or the relevance of the focus. To such an extent that the search for mindfulness practice grows.

I think the focus is really relevant to organizations, and to people, but the problem is that focus alone does not seems to be a relevant factor for innovation.

We can meet in a room and seek to focus on being creative, but probably the best ideas will come out of this environment when we don’t expect it.

In this sense, I think we can even reserve certain times of the day to prioritize the focus, but it is critical to also reserve time of day to let our minds and brains free of any focus.

And this is the paradigm inside the organizations, where most of the managers try to avoid their team, and them, losing focus.

From my practical experience with Online Innovation Methodology, very often I see the most competitive ideas and products being generated by teams where the focus isn’t a concern or relevant.

And, not infrequently, the best of each team are people with a profile of doing various things at the same time, sometimes looking like chaos.

Actually, contradicting the paradigm and many current management theories, related to the focus.

Well, you can say that for certain tasks innovation is not relevant, just focus.

And my answer to this is that if it is true then it is very likely that this task will soon be automated and autonomous, executed by robots.

That is, for us, people, innovation will be increasingly essential, and in my opinion, the focus will lose value, at least in the way the paradigm is today.

Rogerio Figurelli – @ 2018-06-15


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