A new methodology for unpacking, defining, discovering and creating Intelligence from scratch – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, I asked the question: after all, what is Intelligence?

Proposing the answer: intelligence is any effect without a random cause.

In other words, the intelligent principle starts from the production and understanding of different results from those generated by mere chance.

Also, I proposed a methodology to study intelligence from scratch, unpacking, defining, discovering and creating Intelligence.

In this article, I would like to go a little further by proposing two more analyzes:

1.When the random is not really random
2.The multiple and infinite levels of intelligence

Both thinkings of 1 and 2 are natural from the principle that I propose that intelligence is any effect without a random cause.

For example, considering 1, note that if the random is drawn, that is, designed or created as something conscious and planned it will also become intelligent. In this case, I would argue that the archetype of intelligence is just the opposite of all effects without causes originally random, that is, we can reinforce this in our definition as follows.

Intelligence is any effect without an original random cause.

And this raises one more question: what in fact exists in the universe that has an original random cause?

The answer may lie precisely in the answer to analysis 2, that is, intelligence has multiple and infinite levels.

And the further we move away from the original random cause, the more we walk on new levels, on a trip to infinity.

Indeed, as with intelligence on the human level, with our consciousness and thought, and obviously reasoning ability far above any random origin.

Rogerio Figurelli – @ 2018-08-07
Post originally published at http://www.4innov.com


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