People and robots facing innovation

Perhaps the greatest paradigm in the area of business innovation is the maxim that it is the process of turning a creative idea into a product or service that creates value.
It is clear that creativity and innovation are, by definition, different things.
But this difference can not become a paradigm that makes us short-sighted to what is really needed to innovate. And, in my opinion, this myopia is generalized, since the innovation processes, in most organizations, seek to find ways to divide the problem in the wrong way.
I believe that if we really want to innovate, it will hardly be done without the real appreciation of the creator of the ideas, or what I call creative origin, and especially his leadership in the whole process, which rarely happens.
And this is because innovation is almost always chaotic, or, at best, chaordic.
But despite this, there are several solutions in the market that seek to find an order for innovation. No criticism of them, I just want to reinforce how this helps to form the paradigm described above, where we all lose and we must look for ways to evolve.
Rogerio Figurelli – @ 2018-11-07


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