Where the mind is all that matters

“Behavioural science, which deals primarily with human action, is a field that is growing with every industry from banking to IT, healthcare to education needing its professionals. And with supply nowhere near demand, this is a good time to explore the field, say experts. “The science basically gets into the functioning of the brain and […]

Online Innovation: methodology and model (Part 1)

There are several innovation methodologies in the market, with the most diverse characteristics, such as Design Thinking, Co-Creation, Open Innovation, Agile, Lean, TRIZ, etc., and, in my opinion, this is not a problem, because, in fact, I do not believe there is a methodology that is better or worse for all cases or the definitive […]

Online Innovation: the Equation of Innovation

In the same way that we can create a path and an equation between intelligence and wisdom, and between wisdom and evolution, I propose an equation for innovation, by creating a consistent, multi propagation path between Wisdom and Innovation, using visionary and original concepts and equations, also known as Online Innovation: Intelligence as the ability to […]

Online Innovation: the new Copernican revolution?

After all, what is the place of our mind in the universe? Are we not facing, 500 years later, the same errors and paradigms faced by Nicolaus Copernicus to prove that the Earth was not the center of the solar system and the universe? For some scientists, this place is our physical brain, which allows […]

Creating Robots with a Mind

What if we think about Robotics and AI more through robot software, that is, a different kind of artificial intelligence, where there are no physical parts, at least directly, executing tasks, but there is a brain, perhaps smarter than most robots with physical parts. In other words, the question that does not want to be […]