Online Innovation: the Equation of Evolution

In my article “The Equation of Wisdom: Measuring the Reality of Artificial Intelligence and its Real Impact on Employability” at I proposed and introduced here what I call the equation of wisdom, that I created to help measure and address the impact of AI to humanity and our evolution. Actually, I wrote a book […]

Online Innovation: the Equation of Wisdom

Finding an equation for wisdom is not an easy task, but I think it is fundamental in an Age of Robots, for a better understanding of the intelligence and machine capacity of intelligence, especially in comparison to the human. And I believe that one of the great flaws in the analysis of artificial intelligence and […]

Online Innovation: a new methodology for Innovation

4INNOV deliveries for the international customers and business a new methodology for Innovation, created by the futurist Rogerio Figurelli, and based on creating a consistent, multi propagation path between Wisdom and Innovation, using visionary and original concepts and equations, also known as Online Innovation: Intelligence as the ability to apply the knowledge to meet the objectives Consciousness as […]